Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guerilla Art Market, Brighton 12-13th December 2009

This Christmas I-Saw is part of The Guerilla Art Market, Middle Street, Brighton,December 12-13th 2009

Following its success over the past year, the Guerrilla Art Market is returning this Christmas. The perfect opportunity to get handmade, unique gifts for everyone’s Christmas stockings. The Guerrilla Art Market promises to deliver the best in art and hand crafted goods from the south coast.

This Christmas the market hosts artists and designers whose clients range from Liberty, Topshop to local musicians Peggy Sue and the Pirates. It is a rare opportunity to purchase original artworks from the artists themselves, allowing you to discover more about the artists and their work.

From hand painted t-shirts, hand made books and self published zines, original oil paintings, limited edition prints and sculptures to hand drawn and signed sketches and limited edition wall vinyl - the market promises to be the best creative bargain hunt available in Brighton.

The market starts at 11.30 am and closes at 5.30pm. Music, mulled wine and refreshments will be served throughout the day.


Our hand engraved trainers are included in the
Fashion V Sport Exhibition, which showcased at the
V&A and is curently travelling around Europe.

STREET ART - In the Artists Own Words

This book that came out awhile back, from the creators of the Scrawl books, showcases different street art practitioners, their working methods and inspirations. Highlighting creative/commercial crossovers, collaborations and the movement across different ways of working. All brought to you in the artists own words, insightful interviews with ourselves, alongside; Sheone, Mysterious Al, Will Barras, D*Face and many others.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just to let everyone know that I-Saw's "Engraviti", hand engraved trainer customisation is being featured in the first ever book on customised sneakers. Called "Custom Kicks" and put together by the great Dutch design partnership MAKI, it's published by Laurence King and will be released some time in May, currently available on pre-release order from Amazon.

There will also be an exhibition, we will keep you posted when we know more....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Friday 10th of August saw the well attended opening of "See It!", Lincolnshire's eclectic groupshow of designer/ makers. Surprising the locals with their edgier but well received contribution was I-Saw, showing one Menswear piece, two Womenswear pieces and a pair of "Engraviti" Dunks. Making an impression on the East Midlands until 23rd of September, at the Roof Gallery, The Hub:National Centre for Craft & Design, in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.


This Thursday, 16th of August, sees the launch night of "Another Groupshow", at the Old Shoreditch Station, East London. This is the latest "Dilly" Fanzine related show, curated by Dilly creator, PMH (check, for more on his topclass DIY publication). Seeing as the Iguapop gallery in Barcelona, flew him out there to do the last one, that should tell you to expect nothing less than a superb selection, of the best that the international Graffiti/ Street Art and related graphics/ ilustration scene has to offer. Not only that but I-Saw's own, Chum 101 has a piece included and as an added bonus will also be playing choice specimins from his curious recordbox of delights, on the opening night, between the hours of 9 and 10, so you know where to be, right!.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hand Stitched Plush of Seemore, The Shopkeeper of The I-Saw Curiosity Shop

Used a different technique here than previous I-Saw plushes, rather than being a stuffed toy, or fabric skin sewn onto foam over a wireframe skeleton (like the DR & Quinch characters, which I produced for the "Zarjaz" 2000AD exhibition) instead I sculpted him straight out of a block of foam and then sewed fabrics on for his skin and clothes. Pulling tight stiches to define the form and surface detail means really the process is closer to upholstering than traditional stuffed toy construction.
Here's a shot of the 2000AD character plushes which I referred to.