Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In December 2005 Chum 101 brought to life two of the best loved personalities from the UK's 2000AD Science Fiction comic. Created in 3D for the first time these large scale soft sculptures of the characters DR & Quinch were hand made, complete with I-Saw Print costumes, for the Zarjaz 2000AD Exhibition. In his own words " I'd decided, if I was going up against so many other artists/ designers in such a big group show, then I'd better go into battle mode and come with something a bit extra special. 2000AD was one of my first loves, so it meant a lot to do this and by choosing this way of working it was only ever gonna be a choice between a handful of characters from the comic's history who had the necessary funky cartoon edge. After toying with the idea of Ace Trucking Co, I was like no it's gotta be the these guys."

The attitude of the original troublesome, alien punk JD duo lent itself to the graffiti character style interpretation and the soft sculpture plush medium so well that the head of 2000AD Tharg himself (AKA Pat Mills) expressed an immediate interest in a production of soft toy versions, watch this space.

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